The Thomas Scully Foundation was founded in loving memory of Thomas Scully. Thomas passed away, at the age of 12, because of a malignant brain tumor called Anaplastic Ependymoma. Thomas was a kind and loving boy who brought happiness where ever he went. He was a ray of light, our Sunshine! He loved running around bare footed, climbing trees, cooking, music, playing video games and spending time with his family and friends. Thomas' strength, determination, perseverance and resilience was awe inspiring! Like the words from one of Thomas' favorite songs "You can walk straight thru hell with a Smile!", that's exactly what he did! Thomas enjoyed every second that he was here because only he knew how hard he worked for it! We are devastated by the  passing of our sweet boy but helping children who are here now,in his honor, brings us happiness too!                                                                        The Thomas Scully Foundation will carry on Thomas' memory by bringing a "Little Bit of Happiness" to children with cancer today, while supporting a cure for tomorrow. We hope you will join us, as a walker, to help raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. All donations made to registered walkers for The Thomas Scully Foundation will go to Thomas' foundation. We also qualify for a special grant that is based on our teams participation, so the more walkers the larger the grant. Isn't that awesome? Can't make the walk? No Problem! Just register as a virtual walker and you can still help us reach our goal!     Are you a Childhood Cancer Survivor? or a child with Cancer? We would like to honor you!We invite you to sign up as a virtual walker with no obligation fundraise. By doing so, you will be included in the 1/2mile survivor walk, if you want,  and we will give you a special team tshirt that says Warrior on it! If you are a parent or sibling of a Childhood Cancer Angel, we would love for you to join us too. You would sign up like the Warriors. We would love to honor your Angel with a special team tshirt that will have a picture of your Angel on it. We will be wearing one with Thomas' beautiful face on it. Just because he's not here in body doesn't mean he's not here in spirit!     We are so thankful to be included in this walk. LI2Day has done so much to benefit those affected by cancer. We hope you will support us in representing the kids!